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Welcome to the English Class Website, English Students! They say that the road to hell is paved 1 with good intentions and if you ever feel like a lot of things are missing on the site, that it is never updated or you would much rather sit and cry through another 121 episodes of Gossip Girl, well at least I tried. For a while.

The English Class Website aims to display some of all the exciting themes and topics that we can potentially dive into during our lessons. As the website is also designed to provide information on grammar, written assignments, literary criticism 2, theories and methods as well as analytical tools, it is bound to be quite a strange cocktail of languages mixed together. Hopefully, and of course by attending the lessons, this will all make sense to you.

If you are not a student and have stumbled upon this site by accident, you are of course more than welcome to browse through the contents, but please keep in mind that The English Class Website is only intended to make life easier for students, and well at least one teacher, on Morsø Gymnasium in Denmark. Furthermore, if you represent a copyright institution and feel that any, unintentional I must add, copyright infringement 3 occurs, then please contact me at mr@morsoe-gym.dk.