Source: Aronofsky, D. (2000). Requiem for a Dream. Lionsgate.

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Tasks & exercises

William S. Burroughs - Junky (Prologue)


burroughs_junky.pdf (31kb)

Time perspective: 30 minutes
Working method: Group work
Product: An oral discussion, write notes for further discussion in class

The text in this assignment is by the American writer William S. Burroughs , who has examined his own addiction to heroin, or junk as he refers to it, in several works of autofiction. This is the prologue of his first novel, Junky (1953). Read the text and discuss Burrough's reflections on drug addiction and his reasons for becoming an addict.

Elliott Smith - Between the Bars


es-btb.pdf (25 kb)

Time perspective: 40 minutes
Working method: Individual work, pair-work or group work
Product: A written analysis of a song

The text in this exercise is a song by the American singer-songwriter Elliott Smith . The song is entitled Between the Bars and is featured on the songwriter's third record Either/Or (1996), the title of which derives from Søren Kiergegaard. You must analyse the song using poetry analysis.

Danny Boyle - Trainspotting

Time perspective: 45 minutes
Working method: Group work
Product: Creative products and/or written analysis

These are analytical and/or creative exercises for Danny Boyle's film Trainspotting (1997). You are required to choose and complete at least one of the assignments presented below. Click the images to open up more specific requirements for each of the assignments.