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Tasks & exercises

Time perspective: 4 lessons
Working method: Group work
Product: 10-15 minute podcast


These are instructions for an approximately four-lesson student-driven project on the subject of Hip Hop. In groups you are to record a podcast on hip hop using an app such as Anchor or whatever other tools available that you feel comfortable using.


Research: If you are unfamiliar with the podcast genre, you must conduct some research. The American true-crime podcast Serial might provide some inspiration.

A problem formulation: You must create a problem formulation that is based on Bloom's taxonomy. Your problem formulation must seek to dig into subjects related to hip hop such as racism, segregation, controversial language, social issues, political issues etc. It can be pretty much anything as long as we can tie it to the headline of hip hop.

Data: You must collect data on the subject, e.g. by interviewing each other or someone else whom you consider knowledgeable on your subject.

Podcast: The podcast must be at least 10-15 minutes long including music, intros, breaks etc. and must of course be presented in English. All group members must participate verbally in the podcast.

Log book: After each lesson you must upload a log book to Lectio that details your work during the lesson. It does not have to be thorough. Notes, scribbles, lists, ideas etc. are more than welcome.

Turn in: Your assignment must preferably be turned in in Lectio, however if the filesize exceeds 25 mb you must use a file-sending service such as Wetransfer.com.

Rudy Giuliani vs. Eminem

The video in this assignment is an excerpt of an interview on the New York-based radio station 77WABC with former mayor in New York, Rudy Giuliani . Giuliani comments on American artist Eminem taking the knee after his perfomance during the Super Bowl half-time show in 2022.

a. Write a written response (approximately 200 words) to Rudy Giuliani on behalf of Eminem. Your response must include references to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Obama on Hip Hop

The video in this assignment is an excerpt of an interview with former President Barack Obama . At the time of the interview, in 2008, Obama was the Senator of Illinois, but preparing his first Presidential campaign.

1. What hip hop artists does Barack Obama listen to?
2. How does Obama feel about the message(s) of hip hop?
3. What themes or messages are especially problematic according to him?
4. What would the role of hip hop be in Obama's Presidency?
5. What is the advantage of hip hop in reaching an audience?
6. What do you think hip hop is capable of doing from an educational point of view?

Time perspective: 75 minutes
Working method: Group work
Product: Creative products and/or written analysis

These are analytical and/or creative exercises for Curtis Hanson's film 8 Mile (2002). You are required to choose and complete at least one of the assignments presented below. Click the images to open up more specific requirements for each of the assignments.


Hip Hop songs

Time aspect: 60 minutes
Working method: Group work
Product: An analysis

The task for the following assignment is to analyse a hip hop song, of your own choice, using poetry analysis. Remember also to focus on some of the more complex aspects of poetry analysis such as poetic language. Prepare a presentation that can be shown or performed in class. You might be inspired by the artists below.