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Integreret grammatik

Assignment #1

Teksten i denne opgave er et uddrag af Maxine Welly's interview med Kevin Parker fra Tame Impala publiceret i WMagazine artiklen Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker Can Finally Enjoy The Slow Rush, 3. marts, 2020.

a. Find og skriv i alt tre adjektiver samt forklar hvad de ligger sig til. Brug relevant grammatisk terminologi.
b. Kommenter kort på den sproglige stil.

This self-deprecatory way of speaking is central to Parker’s personality: he’s a down-to-earth guy who’s a bit bashful about all the success. He attributes it to Australian culture, and what’s called “tall poppies” — a syndrome used to describe societies in which people of high status are resented and cut down. “Australia is plagued with it. We’ve inherited it because of the fact that we’re kind of English, I guess,” he said. “There’s not this communal positivity and cheering everyone on. It’s kind of like, if you start getting success, people will bring you back down to your level. America doesn’t really have that, and it’s kind of amazing to see. If anything, I relish it because it’s a sign that you are successful. It’s one of the gauges of success, is people trying to fucking cut you down, you know? So I guess for a long time, I didn’t experience it at all, because I was this up-and-coming indie musician. I’d never really experienced it as much as I’d witnessed it. I kind of felt like I was missing out.”

Assignment #2

Teksten i denne opgave er et klip af episoden The Ten Deadliest Snakes in the World fra tv-serien The Crocodile Hunter (1992 - 2006) med den excentriske Steve Irwin i hovedrollen.

a. Find og skriv i alt tre forskellige verballed i tre forskellige tider.
b. Kommenter kort på den australske dialekt.

My dad taught me from a very early age, be at one with the snake. Feel it son and I am. Okay, he is settled. I have got time. I have got time. I have made mistakes with fierce snakes in my life. I have had them come up to my face. I have had them near bite me on the legs, near bite me on the hands and it has been my fault, it has been my mistake every single step of the way. The trick to deal with venomous snakes, as I learnt at a very young age, is give them space. This is his territory, this is his terrain, his environment. He is the biggest predator out here.