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Integreret grammatik

Assignment #1

Teksten i denne opgave er en anmeldelse af romanen Post Office (1971) af Charles Bukowski skrevet på siden Amazon. Kommenter på den sproglige stil i opslaget. Brug relevant grammatisk terminologi. Skriv dit svar på dansk.


Assignment #2

Teksten i denne opgave er et uddrag af et interview, som journalisten Phil Taylor lavede med Bukowski til magasinet Stonecloud i 1972. Find eksempler på tre forskellige typer af pronomener i den nedenstående tekst.

BUKOWSKI: Listen, I had to quit or go crazy. They really have some creatures there. I think the supervisors are picked not for their mentality but for their brutality. They go by the book, just like in the Army, though I've never been in the Army. "These are the rules." I wrote Post Office in twenty drunken nights. When I was young, I said I'll have to be fifty years old to write a novel, and now that I'm fifty and I've written it, right after quitting the post office. I'd come here each night, have a pint of whiskey, some beer, three or four cigars, and turn on some symphony music. I'd say I'm going to type at least ten pages as a quota, and if I run over, fine. So I drank and I typed, my music that was going on, and never remembered going to bed, and I'd get up in the morning. First thing I'd do is go in there and take two Alka Seltzer, and I'd come out to see how many pages I'd done. I'd find these maybe seventeen, eighteen pages spread out on the couch and say, "My God, that was a good night." I finished in twenty days. It's not immortal, but it's OK.