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“It is a damn poor mind that can think of only one way to spell a word.” - Andrew Jackson


Til trods for de mange muligheder ved digitale hjælpemidler i den moderne verden har vi stadig sværere og sværere ved at stave. I dag er det sjældent, at der som sådan er stavefejl i ordene, fordi tekstbehandlingsprogrammer som Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Scrivener osv. er hurtige til, at modificere vores fejl. Dette lukker dog op for en anden faldgrube, nemlig at vi ikke har skrevet det vi troede vi skrev. Dette kan dog hurtig tjekkes gennem f.eks. Microsoft Words synonymordbog eller en online udgave.

The most common English misspellings

Correct spelling

Spelling adviceCommon misspelling
two cs, two msaccomodate, accomodation
achievei before eacheive
acrossone caccross
aggressive, aggressiontwo gsagressive, agression
apparently-ent not -antapparantly
appearanceends with -anceappearence
argumentno e after the uarguement
assassinationtwo double s’sassasination
basicallyends with -allybasicly
beginningdouble n before the -ingbegining
believei before ebeleive, belive
bizarreone z, double -rbizzare
businessbegins with busi-buisness
calendar-ar not -ercalender
caribbean , Caribbeanone r, two bsCarribean
cemeteryends with -erycemetary
chauffeurends with -eurchauffer
colleague-ea- in the middlecollegue
comingone mcomming
committeedouble m, double t, double ecommitee
completelyends with -elycompletly
conscious-sc- in the middleconcious
curiosity-os- in the middlecuriousity
definitely-ite- not –ate-definately
dilemma-mm- not -mn-dilemna
disappearone s, two psdissapear
disappointone s, two psdissapoint
ecstasyends with –syecstacy
embarrasstwo rs, two s’sembarass
environmentn before the menviroment
existenceends with -enceexistance
fahrenheitbegins with Fahr-Farenheit
familiarends with -iarfamilar
finallytwo lsfinaly
fluorescentbegins with fluor-florescent
foreigne before iforiegn
foreseeablebegins with fore-forseeable
fortybegins with for-fourty
forwardbegins with for-foward
friendi before efreind
furtherbegins with fur-futher
gistbegins with g-jist
glamorous-mor- in the middleglamourous
governmentn before the mgoverment
guardbegins with gua-gaurd
happen, happenedends with -enedhappend
harass, harassmentone r, two s’sharrass, harrassment
honorary-nor- in the middlehonourary
humorous-mor- in the middlehumourous
idiosyncrasyends with -asyidiosyncracy
immediatelyends with -elyimmediatly
incidentallyends with -allyincidently
independentends with -entindependant
interrupttwo rsinterupt
irresistibleends with -ibleirresistable
knowledgeremember the dknowlege
liaise, liaisonremember the second i: liais-liase, liason
lollipopi in the middlelollypop
millenniumdouble l, double nmillenium, millenia
neanderthalends with -thalNeandertal
necessaryone c, two s’sneccessary
noticeableremember the middle enoticable
occasiontwo cs, one socassion, occassion
occurtwo cs, two rsoccured, occuring
occurrencetwo cs, two rs, -ence not -anceoccurance, occurence
pavilionone lpavillion
persistentends with -entpersistant
pharaohends with -aohpharoah
piecei before epeice
politicianends with -cianpolitican
portugueseends with –guesePortugese
possessiontwo s’s in the middle and two at the endposession
prefertwo rsprefered, prefering
propagandabegins with propa-propoganda
publiclyends with –clypublically
reallytwo lsrealy
receivee before irecieve
refertwo rsrefered, refering
religiousends with -giousreligous
remember-mem- in the middlerember, remeber
resistanceends with -anceresistence
senseends with -sesence
separate-par- in the middleseperate
siegei before eseige
successfultwo cs, two s’ssuccesful
supersedeends with -sedesupercede
surprisebegins with sur-suprise
tattootwo ts, two ostatoo
tendencyends with -encytendancy
thereforeends with -foretherefor
thresholdone h in the middlethreshhold
tomorrowone m, two rstommorow, tommorrow
tonguebegins with ton-, ends with -guetounge
trulyno etruely
unforeseenremember the e after the runforseen
unfortunatelyends with -elyunfortunatly
untilone l at the enduntill
weirde before iwierd
whereverone e in the middlewhereever
whichbegins with wh- wich/witch

Kilde: Oxford Dictionary