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"Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on." - Louis L'Amour


Der er flere forskellige måder at skrive en god indledning på, men fælles for de fleste er at læseren introduceres for tekstens fokus og indhold samt, at faktuelle informationer om den analyserede tekst præciseres. Det skader selvfølgelig heller ikke hvis det samtidig gøres interessant, og man formår at fange læserens interesse og opmærksomhed.


Sadly, the suicide rate in the army is growing. It is not news that soldiers carry out a job, that is way more difficult, than what the majority of us do for a living. Their job is to protect the United States of America against foreign threats and disturbances. Many, however, do not get the needed help from the government, when facing the difficulties that often follows the tough, sometimes inhumane, job. In the article My Best Friend Died By Suicide. I Wish I Had Seen The Warning Signs, Daniel Magruder shares the events that led to his best friend’s death.

Skriftlig eksamen, maj 2020.


Being a young student, with life and adulthood ahead of you and almost endless of opportunities for the future can leave young people in doubt, uncertainty and all at sea. That supplemented by the rough breakup with your first love, an overly engaged mom and zero motivation regarding schoolwork, papers and classes, makes college life a true struggle and the chances of graduating small. The main character named Hailey Phegler in T. Coraghessan Boyle’s short story "She’s the Bomb" from 2017 experiences just this, and when attending her graduation ceremony, well-knowing she won’t graduate, she goes to extreme lengths to prevent her mom from finding out the truth about her college experience, by calling in a bomb. A memorable day that have a big impact on her afterwards life.

Skriftlig eksamen, maj 2020.


The concept of being a family can be a hard nut to crack. You are born into a family where people fit into different roles. There is a mom or there might be two, and then there is usually also a dad or maybe two. Usually a family comes with kids, who become siblings. These siblings grow up with each other, but despite the same roots, they might end up being very different people. In the short story The Third Dumpster the concept of differences in the family really shows. In 2013, the writer Gish Jen published her short story on two second generation Chinese-American brothers, their Chinese parents and the conflicts that occur between these.

Skriftlig eksamen, maj 2018.


The essay Why we need to slow down our lives is written by Pico Iyer, a British- born travel writer, novelist and essayist, who currently lives in Japan. Why we need to slow down our lives is an excerpt from his book The Art of Stillness, which was published in 2018.

Skriftlig eksamen, maj 2018.


Having a best friend is great. It means someone to share your experiences with and someone you can rely on at all times. This is the kind of relationship presented in the short story "Renaude". The short story is written by Charlotte Bondy, and published in 2015 as part of the anthology “The Journey Prize Stories 27”.

Terminsprøve, marts 2018.


For most people dreaming is seen as an inevitable and important part of life, as it is an unique ability that only we as human beings possess. An ability that leads to positive matters like ambitions and goals, but at the same time abilities can take over the control of our lives caught in the past. The short story “I Don’t Dream of Genie” from 2016, by Chad Pelley, portrays exactly this subject, as it submits to theoretical thoughts on, how dreaming also can have extensive unhealthy consequence for the mind. By analyzing the text with focus on structure of the story and the style of writing it becomes clear that the life of the thirty-three year old and Jewish main character, Sherry, has taken an unexpected turn, due to the grief of a not yet acknowledged divorce from her husband, Gene.

Opgave, april 2019.


The awareness towards post-traumatic stress disorder and other war-related mental illnesses has throughout the last 20 years been rising. People have become more aware of the consequences a man can face, after he returns from participating in war. In spite of this, the suicide rate among veterans is constantly growing as mentioned in the video,’One A Day: Soldiers and Suicide In The U.S. Military’ video from New York Time Magazine 2012. In addition, army experts do not expect it to fall any time soon. However, the problem is not to be found among the military society, but within the system. The system has been accused of not providing the veterans and active soldiers with the help they need, after returning from battle. This issue is presented in the text ‘My Best Friend Died by Suicide. I Wish I Had Seen The Warning Signs.’ Written by lieutenant Daniel Magruder and published on the New York Times Magazine website in 2019.

Skriftlig eksamen, maj 2018.


We are all given only one life to pursue our dreams and obtain everything we want. We are all fighting in the hopes that when life suddenly ends some day, we have made a great impact; an impact and a legacy to be remembered for. If not by the history books, then by our own children and heritage. Sandra Marslund’s short story ”The Other Couple” (2018) portrays how being in a relationship with certain, severe and unprocessed difficulties is affecting the mental health of the main character to a pronounced degree.

Terminsprøve, december 2020.


The American gun legislation is a topic often surrounded by heated discussions. The matter of stricter laws is regularly seen debated after deeply upsetting events like school shootings. The Parkland Shooting in February 2018 was no exception. It caused a big stir in the media not only because of it’s high death toll, but also because the survivors were quick to make use of social media in order to get their messages out. Exactly this is the main focus of the article “The Righteous Anger of the Parkland Shooting’s Teen Survivors” written by Robinson Meyer published on the website of the monthly maga- zine The Atlantic, February 17, 2018.

Terminsprøve, december 2020.


We all grow up at a different pace and in different ways. That can be troublesome for teens, the link between childhood and adulthood, as there often are invisible “guidelines”, which they feel they have to follow. These guidelines are either created by our own or others’ expectations of how we should act and be, and sometimes these expectations push us to do things, we do not want to. The short story “Are We Nearly There?” (2015), by Kate Smalley Ellis, touches this subject. By analysing the short story with focus on characterisation and the main theme of the story, a story about a young teen, for whom the expectations become too overwhelming, is revealed.

Skriftlig eksamen, maj 2017.


Flere af de ovenstående indledninger tager udgangspunkt i den såkaldte timeglasstruktur, hvor en overordnet, bred tematik eller problemstilling introduceres og der efterfølgende zoomes ind på den konkrete tekst. Tekstens tema er ofte et universelt koncept som eksempelvis man vs. nature, love, death eller growing up. En faldgrube ved timeglasstrukturen er dog, at den bliver for generaliserende. Sætninger som everyone has tried falling in love antager at alle mennesker har haft den samme, bestemte oplevelse, og er derfor problematiske. Forhold dig, så vidt muligt, objektivt, og tal om tekstens tema på en afstemt, professionel måde og undgå diverse klichéer og generaliseringer.